About Artist and Photographer, Carole Smith

Artist, Carole Smith

Spending the better part of her life in Northern California, Carole Smith is a skilled self-taught photographer and artist. Carole uses the beauty around the San Francisco Bay Area, Wine Country, and other various scenic locations, to produce beautiful photos and works of art.


Having family members that are professional photographers has helped her develop that edge in taking these stunning photos. Carole loves all the aspects of Art and Photography. When Carole is painting she is fully engaged with the colors, the paper, and the message she wants to convey.   Photography affects Carole the same way.  Everywhere she goes she is taking in the world with her eyes, to capture that special moment in time.


Carole’s inspirations for her creative artwork evolve from the countless photos she takes on the weekends, while getting lost on the back roads of the Bay Area with her husband. The breathtaking images of the gorgeous Bay Area are strong influences as she decides what she would like to paint.


She has always worked with watercolors and has recently discovered acrylic paint. Carole is learning to paint on canvas with acrylic but has also used acrylic on watercolor paper as well. She is spreading out with her art and photos and applying her work on products that she designs on Zazzle.com.