Carole's artistic focus is concentrated on her paintings. Carole has been exploring the world of composing beautiful artwork since 2000. Watercolor is the median Carole has always used for her painting and has a dry approach (not adding a lot of water) to her art. With using the dryer technique, her art and style appears more realistic. Carole successfully captures the detail of the subject through her photography, which is the main aspiration for her art. As of recently, Carole has pursued the technique of acrylic paint, which gives more texture to the look and feel of the painting. Carole's artistic paintings come from a variety of diverse subjects, including but not limited to, animals, landscape, buildings and portraits. Carole interestingly enough, prefers to paint on water color paper with acrylic paint, versus the normal canvas which many other artists prefer. Carole prefers to look down at her art while she is painting, and  to focus on pure detail.

All the paintings that you see here are for sale on canvas, can be framed on a mat, or any other material, can be purchased on Caroles Zazzle store.